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January Need To Know

As you settle into 2020, now is the time to lock in and step into doing what must be done to reach the goals you've set out to reach this year! We believe that a part of you settling into the year is to commit to your spiritual health. As we reviewed and asked questions like, "How's your heart?, "What are your commitments?" and "What are your daily habits?", some of your answers may have triggered a new plan to deepen your spiritual walk with Jesus while connecting with others. This Sunday is your first opportunity to catapult yourself into a healthy rhythm by attending part two of our series of talks, Review & Renew. So commit to joining us this Sunday at 9AM or 11AM for the first services of 2020 and bring a friend!

We are are believing for a great year for you and your family!
Join us for the first Sunday services of 2020! We'll wrap up our short series of talks, Review & Renew, with a message on Renewal. 
Just as the sky and sea are blue, let's come together and explore the heights and depths of Servant Leadership. Our annual servant leader conference is one of the most unique events at Pinellas Community Church. This quick one-day investment will pull you in with the most interactive sessions growing and deepening your leadership capacity so that you, yep you, can be the best person in all of your environments - whether at work, home and at church! The best part is it's all free and you'll walk away asking "where did the day go" while hanging onto a treasure trove of new tools to be the best you to help connect people to Jesus and each other!
Typically run over six weeks during our 11AM service, each session looks at a different question that people can have about faith and is designed to create conversation. It’s just an open, informal and honest space to explore and discuss life’s big questions together.