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February Need To Know

Here's What's Coming Up

This February

There is so much more to the story of Samson. It’s a story of a miraculous birth, romance, intrigue, deception, murder, and faith. Go beyond the “Sunday School” story you know. Samson, a new series of talks all February!
A reminder from our Youth Pastor, Jack Weight:
As most of you have heard it’s an exciting season for CITY YTH! There are so many remarkable things going on that we are just ecstatic about what God is doing.  My heart in student ministry is that students continue to walk with Christ after they leave high school and currently there is an 80% turnover from senior year to adulthood. That’s why we can’t wait to introduce our students to Sunday’s service Serve One Worship One. We believe wholeheartedly we're never more like Jesus than when we serve and as we take these next steps to incorporate our youth into Sunday services we are encouraging students to Serve One  and Worship One. We believe that in this season we can encourage and lead them in discipleship as we move forward and focus our Wednesday service (6:30-8PM YEAR ROUND) to better reach students who have yet to begin a relationship with Jesus. We know change is hard but we also know our God is greater. The students will not only learn and grow as they worship corporately, but we strongly believe that they will help take the culture at PCC to a higher level.

Our goal is to see the youth accomplish the mission of PCC "Connect to Jesus and each other" and we believe our best days are ahead of us. Please join me in welcoming the students this Sunday as they begin to Serve one Worship One.

Wednesdays Starting February 5th

CITY YTH services will be Wednesdays Only at 6:30PM - 8PM in the Youth Auditorium. 

Starting Week of February 9th

Join us in the auditorium for the new and exciting video series taught by Rick Warren. Time to Dream: Open Doors to Your Future and discover how God provides opportunities you could never create on your own when you surrender your life fully to him.

See the PCC website for meeting times and locations of other on campus and off campus groups.

Saturday, February 29TH 10AM-12PM

A Women's Saturday service.
Join us for a 2 hour Saturday Social. We're gathering together to lean into the way of Jesus by discovering what a "Strong Woman" looks like. We'll worship together, open up the Bible, and of course- jump into some good 'ol conversation. Our time together includes coffee & donuts.
//childcare unavailable
// there is no fee for this gathering
[Note]: This is not our annual women's conference. Saturday Social's will lead into IF:STPETE, which kicks off July 2020
here is so much more to the story of Samson. It’s a story of a miraculous birth, romance, intrigue, deception, murder, and faith. Go beyond the “Sunday School” story you know. Read Judges 13-17 before coming to church this Sunday as we begin a new series of talks, “Samson”.

Tuesday, March 10TH 3:30PM -6:30PM

Early detection can make all the difference to a young child. The proof is undeniable- the earlier a developmental concern is identified, the greater the chance a child has for reaching his or her full potential in life.

Books, Balls, & Blocks (BBB) events are free, fun, family community-screening events for families and children (ages birth-5). These events are comprised of various activity stations in which children can engage in developmentally appropriate play while their parents complete a valid and reliable developmental questionnaire to pinpoint their child’s developmental progress. A trained professional will then review the screening results with the parent/caregiver, and provide information and referrals to any support or services that may be needed.

Help Me Grow and 2-1-1 will be offering FREE Developmental Screenings at Pinellas Community Church.