Blue Route is your pathway to deeper understanding of your faith and community. Whether you’ve been attending PCC for quite some time, or today is your first visit, we’re all on this journey of growing in Christ together! Just as the sky and sea are blue, we’re exploring the heights and depths of our relationship with Christ, the church, and each other. And each route is a road map to easily help guide you along the way!


Blue Route 1 is your first stop and basic introduction to our church family and is designed to clearly explain who we are and what we believe. We'll go over the mission and values of Pinellas Community Church, salvation and you, and how our church is designed to serve you. Connect to your church!


How do I know I am a Christian? How do I pray more effectively? How do I read the Bible more productively? How do I interact with the Holy Spirit more powerfully? If you have  pondered any of these questions, Blue Route 2 will help you navigate these faith essentials to deeper connect with Jesus.


You've got a specific personality, specific gift sets, and specific things that make your heart beat. Discover all the ways God uses your personal attributes to build His Kingdom and connect to others in Blue Route 3!