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Easter is not canceled. Not by a long-shot. Social distancing may have us spread out but that does not keep us from celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. During these long uneasy days, remembering and acknowledging the Hope that is Jesus is more important than ever. This is the hope that we press into during these days when we're looking for something to hang on to.
Our online service will feature Christ's story of journeying to the Cross, his burial and His resurrection and how that journey speaks to our own walk in this life with Him.
Join us for worship that will uplift your spirit, a hope-filled message from our Lead Pastor, Mark Canfield, and a few surprise elements we are sure will help you see that you are not alone. By the end of our time together, even online, we know you will know a Hope that has risen for you and all of us, a Hope that we remember on this Easter Sunday!