Hurricane Dorian struck the Bahamas
with devastating winds and heavy rain over Labor Day weekend.

The damage is extensive. Millions have been affected. However, we know that there is hope in banding together and extending our love to all of those hit hardest by this storm.
Over the next few days and weeks, Pinellas Community Church is partnering with two organizations to aid in the relief efforts across the affected areas. This is your opportunity to help.
We have listed two relief efforts that you can be involved in whether you give financially or donate items in need, we pray that you'll utilize these methods to bring peace and hope to the Bahamian Community during this time.



Convoy of Hope, is one of the first faith-based organizations with an international reach to respond to the destruction Dorian has left behind. We have created a special link to give financially to the efforts of Convoy of Hope. All money raised will be given to their efforts as they work to restore hope to the Bahamas. 
Or donate using the PCC App. Choose Hurricane Dorian Relief in the dropdown menu under Fund.