“I remember the 19-year-old man who knocked on my door one afternoon. The familiar face was the neighborhood kid I threw the football with as he shared his dream of being a high school quarterback. He aged out of foster care and was now homeless, knocking on my door. My first response was to bring him in, get him fed, and cleaned up. My second thought was to get him to the church- he needed hope. But I couldn’t figure out how to get this aged out foster kid, now a gang member, into the four walls of the church. I had the right idea, but the wrong location. I am the church. I am a light of hope because the Savior, Jesus Christ, lives in me.”

WE are the lights!

Lights of Hope is about the local church being the hope of the world by shining their light and pointing people to Jesus. We are the Lights!

The Lights of Hope Christmas Store

During the COVID pandemic there were thousands of people in our community who had an overwhelming amount of need.  In response, Pinellas Community Church opened the Lights of Hope Christmas Store where parents could “shop” for their children at no cost. The store raised over 1,000 gifts for 341 children. This year, we are raising 1,500 gifts for 500 children!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to shop from the Amazon gift list?
A: No. You can shop for gifts of your choice and within your budget.

Q: Where do I send or bring gifts?
A: You can have gifts sent to Pinellas Community Church, 5501 31st Street South, St. Petersburg, FL., 33712. You can bring gifts to the office and leave them in the Lights of Hope toy bin Monday - Thursday, 9AM-2PM or Sundays, 9AM-12:15PM in the Lights of Hope toy bins located throughout the auditorium or patio.

Q: If I’m a member of PCC can I shop at the Lights of Hope Christmas store?
A: Absolutely. If your income meets the low income to no income criteria and you can provide verification, you can register as a shopper on the Lights of Hope webpage.



You can monetarily give to the overall budget for Lights of Hope through the Peace Initiative. Your monetary giving will help give gifts to 500 children quicker than any other giving.

Your in-kind giving will restock the shelves of Feed St. Pete by giving non-perishable food items. You can also purchase gifts for the Lights of Hope Christmas store and have them shipped, or delivered. Shipping details and toy list can be found above.


Register to volunteer for Lights of Hope and choose any of the four volunteer options: Stock the Shelves of Feed St. Pete, Christmas Lights, Compassion Projects, and the Lights of Hope Christmas Store. 

What Your Giving Goes To

  • Stock the Shelves of Feed St. Pete- Many in our community have a lack of access to affordable, quality food. Your giving restocks the shelves with non-perishable food items for people during the Lights of Hope Season.
  • Compassion Projects help local homeowners who have a house project, but don’t have the hands and/or the funds. This could include house painting, yard work, and other odds and ends. Your giving goes toward the materials of these projects.
  • Campus Lights- we are beautifying our Pinellas Community Church campus as a signal of hope in the neighborhood. Your giving goes toward the purchasing of the campus lights and other materials used for the project.
  • The Lights of Hope Christmas Store The goal is to raise 1,500 gifts for 500 children from the ages of 1-18, by Dec 12th.  Your giving gives each child three, brand new, quality gifts targeted to their age group. Each parent/caregiver chooses their child’s own gifts at no cost

Where to send your gifts

Gifts and non-perishable food items can be shipped or delivered to Pinellas Community Church, 5501 31st Street South, St. Petersburg, FL., 33712.