You were designed to connect with people. Building community with folks in the same life-stage as you is our desire for your life. We believe the more you are connected in the body, the further you'll go!

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Trying to live a Christ-centered life can be hard if you're doing it alone. Being in a community of friends on the journey with you makes your growth that much easier. Gathering regularly with other Christ followers helps to strengthen your journey. We've got three seasons of small groups (Fall, Winter, & Spring). Step into a group today!

What Small Groups are available?

Starter Groups

These groups are designed to introduce you to GROUP LIFE. Groups meet Wednesday nights at 6:30PM in our auditorium. Discussions center around thoughts and ideas that were presented during the previous Sunday's talk. Go deeper into the message.

Life Groups

Do you ever want to spend time with other people who may be going through the same thing as you? Life Groups are designed for you to be able to do just that while studying and growing deeper in your relationship with God. Groups meet throughout the week in different locations. 

Help Groups

Sometimes life throws us curve balls. And we need just a little help getting back on track. Our Help Groups are designed to walk you through steps to get your life back on track. These groups meet at various locations and at various times. 


Learner Groups

These groups revolve around a central topic, book, or series of talks. They are limited in meeting dates -- some may meet for 4 weeks, while others meet for 10. Either way, they are a way to enrich specific areas of your life! Groups may delve into topics such as Financial Peace, Clean Eating, Bible Surveys, and more.


Squads are small groups uniquely designed for middle and high school students. They meet each Wednesday night of the season. Squads are full of fun and learning what living a God centered life looks like.


Awana is our Wednesday night discipleship program specifically designed for early child and elementary ages. Students spend time worshipping, memorizing scripture, and learning to love Jesus. We would love for your child to join us this semester!