In 2017, Pinellas Community Church will engage an initiative to bring peace to children through strategic giving and outreach. Our goal is that each person in our church family will give one dollar a day throughout 2017 so that these children can be fed and hear the life-changing message about Jesus. Together, we can make one dollar a day count for good–– for life!

We must raise $91,000 to complete the following:

The Lord's Lighthouse - Just a short drive over the Skyway bridge you'll find a section of Tampa Bay that resembles many Third World countries. It's a place where migrants have gathered, hoping to find work for their families in peace from the hardships of poverty. Partnering with The Lord's lighthouse, the peace initiative will help us bring food in the necessary supplies they need.

Pinellas Kids - Our elementary ministry, Pinellas Kids, is one area on our campus in need of a facelift. The peace initiative will help to accomplish this by building a new stage, install new flooring, and update the electronics, making it impossible to expand our ministry space for this growing kids program.


Maasai Church Plant - For centuries the Maasai have been a warring people on the plains of East Africa. Today, many of them are coming to Christ and the need for churches for these new believers to be trained and encouraged grows every day. We're building new churches to meet this need with the Peace Initiative. 

House of Hope - Over 30,000 children live on the streets of Costa Rica. This leaves them open to gangs, drugs, prostitution and violence. Soon, these orphans will have a roof over their head. The Peace Initiative will allow us to partner with several churches throughout the southeast to build the House of Hope orphanage, a place of peace to call home.


Spring Valley, Kenya - We've seen hundreds of children saved from starvation and giving the necessary tools to overcome extreme poverty. The Peace Initiative will help us provide food that brings peace to the hungry that so many face.


Our pledge to you: we promise to honor your generosity by seeing that every dollar is spent in the most effective way and goes towards these projects.


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