Can You Imagine Me Farming?

Ok, so the one thing you must know about me before we get into today’s blog is that I am NOT a nature guy. Being in the forest, on mountains, in a dessert, or on a field is just not my cup of tea [definitely not my cup of coffee]. The most nature that I can handle is the beach -- it’s my favorite.

I’m often fascinated by the life of a farmer however. In fact, I have friends and colleagues all over the midwest -- Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Illinois, etc. And when I speak with them, they often have stories about growing up on the farm. Some would relay their stories full of heart and love about all of the farm animals and the big open sky. Some would tell me horror stories of waking up at 4:30 am to begin picking the harvest on the fields. Regardless of the story, my response is always the same, how awful. Hahaha! In all honesty, it’s fascinating to me. The farming lifestyle is so contrary to what I am used to.

My friend, Aaron who used to live in Kansas, told me a story about how his farm was a family-run farm. In fact, nothing got done if it weren’t for him, his siblings and parents. They depended on the harvest. They had spent the planting season, planting seeds, watering; taking care of the land. It was back breaking work. And then summer or fall came, those short few months in the summer or in the fall, when it was time to harvest what they had planted. If they didn’t wake up and work hard, they couldn’t collect. They’d starve. They’d lose money for their business.

Some of you may have a background like Aaron. And some, like me do not. However, most of us can understand this fact -- if we do not go to work, we do not get paid. Some of us have dreams and a big vision for our lives but if we do not go out and do what we must to see our dreams realized, nothing will come of them.

10 Lazy people are soon poor;
hard workers get rich.
5 A wise youth harvests in the summer,
but one who sleeps during harvest is a disgrace.
— Proverbs 10:4-5

Can you imagine me farming in my long t-shirts, skinny jeans, and brown leather shoes? I mean really.

I may not be the farming type, but I know that I cannot survive this life by being slothful. I cannot gain upon my dreams and the vision for my life unless I work toward it. I have learned in my life that this life is so much better when you have worked hard for something and you achieve it. This is not only relevant to money but relevant to every area of your life.

I may not be a farmer. But in the areas of my life where I must "farm" or work or be or do, I will do it unto the Lord with fervor and faithfulness and honor and diligence. Morning by morning. 

Work hard for what you want. Excellence honors God and inspires people. Do everything to the best of your ability. God is with you.

Read Proverbs 10

Meiko Seymour