Certain Uncertaintes

Just the other day I was scrambling out the door with both kids in toe while carrying two bags filled with the necessities for our plans: Grace had swim lessons. I remember clicking the seat belts, handing Josiah the multitude of toys he was requesting through points and grunts, sticking the keys in the ignition, all the while mentally going over everything in the bags to make sure I didn’t miss something.

I put the car in reverse and headed down the driveway (swim diapers, bathing suit, sunscreen)… Put car into drive head down the street (after clothes for her, after clothes for him, snacks)… turn the corner and get onto the highway (back up after clothes, water, towels- SHOOT!)… “I forgot the TOWELS!” I scold myself. Ugh, what am I going to do with soaked kids?

For twenty minutes my mind was trying to find a creative method of drying my damp children before putting them back into my car. I had settled on obscene amount of pull paper towels from the ladies bathroom when we arrived… To find out the lessons were canceled. Thanks mother nature. A vicious Florida Storm (you know, the kind that appears instantaneously and seriously moody) rolled in about the same time that we did.

Have you ever told an almost 4 year old that you are taking her to swim in a pool, dressed her for swimming, showed her the pool for swimming, and then said, “never mind”? It wasn’t a pretty scene leaving that day.

There are certain uncertainties in life. Weather is most certainly one of them. Solomon actually uses this in Ecclesiastes 11. “Farmers who wait for perfect weather never plant. If they watch every cloud, they never harvest.”

Did you know God has called you to do great and amazing things? Like, today? He has given you gifts, and talents and dreams in your heart to fulfill. And He wants you to use those to make a difference around you- in your home, family, friends, job, and at PCC. If we are not careful we can find ourselves putting off doing the things God has called us to today because of “possible stormy weather”. We can’t predict the weather and we can’t ensure that the stars will align and produce perfect circumstances for us to be obedient to the things God has called us to do. Being obedient means being brave, being intentional, and making things happen… even when it’s raining overhead.

Besides, that storm meant I didn’t need those towels after all.

Lord help us to hear your voice leading us out into obedience. Help us to be brave enough to follow you and surrender this day and our lives to you fully. 

Pastor Dani Whidden