God's Unspiritual Involvement

It's said that a wise man learns by the experience of others, an ordinary man learns by his own experience, and a fool learns by nobody's experience. Proverbs 14 touches upon all three of those possibilities and directs its reader to aim toward attaining the former position.

While many of today's readers won't totally understand the importance of strong oxen during harvest (v4), Solomon's words continue to be relevant to people of all walks of life today. Not only does the chapter reinforce that there must be spiritual health in the life of the wise, but there must be health in the everyday decisions and actions of the wise. For instance, verses 17, 23, 29, and 30 don't mention God at all, yet they present a godly model for life. It's in passages like these that we must realize something very important: God cares about the quality of our lives, including our everyday decisions. It's this truth in the collected proverbs that should compel followers of Christ to invite the Holy Spirit into every part of our day- our attitudes, decisions, and and words. We should also take comfort that we don't serve a God who is only interested in the spiritual aspect of our lives, but also deeply cares about the minutiae and mundane of His followers. 

The prudent understand where they are going,
but fools deceive themselves.
— Proverbs 14:8

How can you live out the proverbs and invite the Holy Spirit into your in a deeper way today? Where are you going today? Are you inviting God along with you?

Pray, "Lord, go with me today. Help my decisions. Be involved in every aspect of today."

Pastor Matt Whidden