T5he godly are directed by honesty;
the wicked fall beneath their load of sin.
— Proverbs 11:5

The entirety of chapter 11 has the same contrast woven throughout; God rescues those who are upright and those who are wicked will perish. Pretty harsh words and honestly kinda scary.

I mean, aren’t we all guilty of bearing some of the titles used to describe the ones who are wicked?

Dishonest [been there].
Prideful [yup].
Relying on my own strength [raises hand].

And even while reading this, I did something that so many of us do- I measured myself against perfection. I could so easily see my reflection in these pages. That’s me, right there; plain as day; broken, imperfect, guilty.

I found myself praying. Not just talking, but verbally pouring out from the deep places of me, in attempt to express my desire to be someone who is directed by honesty. Begging him to know what is in my heart, and to make me more like Him. To deal with these places in my heart, these cracks in my soul where I have fallen short. While in the midst of my ramblings, everything was suddenly very still, the fog created by my own excess of words lifted. And His truth was right there in His Word: the godly are directed by honesty.

The scripture didn’t read, “the godly are always 100% perfect and without flaw”. No, it read we are DIRECTED by honesty. Our hearts are led by the desire to be honest, to be just, and to be His and like Him. And in the grace that comes from belonging to him, there is the lifted burden of “always having to have it all together all the time”. Not that we should ever take advantage of that grace by allowing sin to reign in our hearts- if anyone did, they would not be the person being described who is directed by honesty.

But there is freedom in His grace, a weightlessness of the soul when we receive that grace.

The last part of that verse says that the wicked fall beneath the load of their sin. Not being inside the grace that comes from belonging to Christ means having to carry the crushing weight of our mistakes, to shoulder the impossible guilt of our wrong-doings, and that load is simply too much for any of us to bear. None of us were designed to carry that kind of baggage.

I am so thankful for the grace of God. I’m thankful for His freedom from not just the entanglements of sin, but also from the weight of the guilt of sin. Today, I’m able to look into my heart, see where I need spiritual growth and maturity and know that this road I’m on is being DIRECTED by a desire to be completely and wholly His, which is in response to the mercy and grace poured out over my life.

No more load to bear, just a whole lot of grace to rest in.

Read Proverbs 11

Pastor Dani Whidden