Life or Death

A gentle answer deflects anger,
but harsh words make tempers flare.
2 The tongue of the wise makes knowledge appealing,
but the mouth of a fool belches out foolishness.
3 The lord is watching everywhere,
keeping his eye on both the evil and the good.
4 Gentle words are a tree of life;
a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit.
— Proverbs 15:1 -4

Did you know we have power in what we say? We do! Gentle words can take a high tempered situation and bring resolution to conflict. When you speak harshly, it only makes conflict worse. We can either bring life with our tongues or death.

One of the things I have found so useful in my life, to keep me from saying hurtful things, is to give it 24 hrs to ask the Holy Spirit how I respond. Usually, our responses, after taking 24 hours, will be drastically different than the initial response. The more I practiced this principle, the easier it was to hold my tongue and bring life with my tongue rather than death.

Jesus, first off I want to thank you for the price you paid on the cross.  I don't deserve the grace and love you extend towards me. I pray that when tempers run high that I will have the ability to lean on your Holy Spirit and respond with life and not death. Amen.

Read Proverbs 15


Wayne Dery Jr