M.Y.O.B - a phrase I heard often in elementary school. Do you remember that phrase? Mind Your Own Business. It was actually one of the top rules on the rule poster in my 3rd grade class. I always wondered why it was so important for such a semi harsh statement to be emphasized as much as it was seemingly. I think back to this lesson because its what I am reminded of reading this chapter.

So many times we are so worried about what everybody else is doing. Whether we are comparing our lives to theirs, sizing up injustices, or just being plain and simply put – nosy. It's true like the verse says- It seems as though the worst things happen to the best people, and the worst people get the best out of life. (v.14) But as the writer says – worrying about these things is meaningless. Sometimes we just don't understand why things work out the way they do. Or why good people have to struggle so hard and the wicked walk around scott-free. The thing is we will never understand. We will never discover every little thing God is up to here on Earth, and we're not meant to. We are better when our focus is on the Lord and His purposes for our own lives.

So we MYOB. This does not mean that we exclude people from the gospel. Instead we do what is commanded of us. We love our God with all our mind, body, and spirit, and we love our neighbor as ourselves. Even the wicked one next door who is up to no good. We submit to those who have been given authority over our lives. And we dig deep to find joy in the lives we've been given praising God every second, no matter the circumstance. There is a time and a way for everything (v6) And He who is just will have His way.

God we love you. We admit to being more obsessed at times with the matters and affairs of our neighbors than our own. We ask that you help us to learn how to love those whom are hard to love. And that you help us to trust that you are in control over all things, even when we do not understand. In your name. Amen

Simone Seymour